We are incredibly fortunate to have Mark Taylor as an admin of EDSUK.

As part of his commitment to change and raise awareness, Mark hosts a regular podcast on eating disorders. The link to his website is below. You can also select an individual episode by name.

Mark is a qualified mental health practitioner in the UK and has 25 years experience of working with children, young people and families with eating disorders in both community and inpatient settings. Mark has provided treatment within his own private clinic and within the UK National Health Service (NHS). His experience includes direct patient treatment, service redesign and operational service management. Mark has worked with other eating disorder professionals in setting national standards for inpatient eating disorder services and continues to contribute to training other professionals on a regional and national level.

Mark currently works for the NHS within a community child and adolescent mental health service (CAMHS) based in the UK.

If there is a particular subject or topic you would like to see addressed within the podcast, you can contact Mark directly using the details on his website, or by completing the contact us form.

Eating Disoder Insight Podcast 


Series 1

Episode 1 - Setting the scene for the series 

Episode 2 - How to share your concerns with your child for the first time

Series 2

Episode 1 - About your GP - setting the scene

Episode 2 - About your GP - what you need to tell them

Episode 3 - About your GP - How does your child feel?


Episode 4 - About your GP - Not happy with the outcome?

Episode 5 - About your GP - NHS or Private Treatment?

Series 3

Episode 1 - Are services gridlocked, over stretched and poorly trained?

Episode 2 - Breaking the silence

BONUS EPISODE - Weight for height explained